AlomWare Reset for Windows 10


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Why wait for your PC to reboot? Quickly reset in 10 seconds instead with AlomWare Reset.

Is your PC running sluggish but you hate rebooting because of the time it takes? Perhaps you hate closing all applications after a long work session, or before playing a game to ensure a smoother experience? Or maybe you just want to quickly close all windows and clear some tracks for privacy (like the clipboard and recent document history) before letting someone else use your computer.

Often your PC doesn't need a reboot to get that "fresh" feeling, but just needs all running apps closed and some key settings reset and/or cleared.

Rebooting helps, but the question then is: how can I reboot faster? Well, what if you could "reboot" and clear some privacy with just one click in around 10 seconds? AlomWare Reset works by quickly closing all applications and windows, clearing the clipboard and recent document lists, killing non-system processes, freeing memory, and defaulting other settings to their clean booted-like state.

The following will be performed upon reset:

  • All visible applications closed
  • All other open windows closed
  • All non-system processes ended
  • Memory of all running processes is freed
  • Clipboard data cleared
  • Recent document lists are cleared for privacy
  • PC remains running (woohoo!)
  • NumLock key is turned on (if currently off)
  • Startup apps are relaunched if not running
  • All sleeping drives are woken

    Version History for AlomWare Reset:
    * Bugfix: Fixed "no disk" prompt that may appear by mistake
    14-Day Trial